Sharing is one of the fundamental principles of the Worldwide Phonecards Collectors Club and this entire section of the website is dedicated to being a virtual square where you can get to know and be known. Our square has 5 distinct but connected areas: the national clubs of phonecard collectors, the other phonecard collecting fairs that take place anywhere in the world, the commercial activities that intend to promote their goods or services related to collecting, the websites created by collectors to spread collectibles such as catalogs or the history of manufacturing or telephone companies and finally an area dedicated to the private shops of various collectors.

Creating partnerships with national clubs is an important objective of the Worldwide Phonecards Collectors Club because it allows us to establish mutual connections with collectors spread across the territory. This section also allows great visibility for national clubs because they can be known all over the world and expand their borders. To give new impetus to phonecard collecting, it is necessary for all collectors in the world to be able to feel close to each other, to be able to communicate and trade in order to improve their collection and national clubs are also important for this reason.

Club members must be made aware of all phonecard fairs that take place throughout the year, allowing them to organize trips to attend events that take place around the world. Creating a collaborative relationship with other fairs allows our members to contact the organizers directly, ask for the possibility of having tables to exhibit and to find out about any agreements with hotels near the fair. For this reason, the Phonecards Fairs Federation was born, a union between the largest phonecards fairs that take place throughout the year so as to offer a complete calendar to our members.

Business partners are all those collectors or companies that have created goods or services that are useful for improving your collecting experience. In this section you will find links to shops that deal in folders, sheets for storing phonecards, as well as collectors who have developed readers for various phonecard systems and even other services to enhance your collection. Our commercial partners will pay a small annual contribution to support the service offered by the Club and will be able to reach all our members with their goods and services useful for collecting.

Over the years, many collector friends have created websites dedicated to phonecards issued in their country, to their own collection, to collecting by theme or have disseminated their knowledge regarding telephone companies, manufacturing companies or the history of the telephone. In this section of the website we offer the space for all these collector friends to share their hard work by providing the link to their website as well as a description of themselves and the work they have done over the years. It's nice to be able to pay homage to the work of our collector friends.

This space is our open-air market, a place where every collector friend can have a link inserted to their virtual shop whether it is present on other platforms such as eBay, Delcampe, Colnect and others, rather than on a personal website. Our members have the opportunity to use the website space free of charge to promote the buying, selling and exchanging of their phonecards and other collectible material such as folders, telephone stamps and everything related to phonecard collecting: a free showcase of their shop.