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African Telately Association - South Africa

The African Telately Association (ATA) is a country wide non-profit making organisation that was formed in Johannesburg by six members (Cedric Edwards, Mike Evert, Ken Bezuidenhout, Dawie Schwartz, Terry Devine and Willie Geyer) on 21 May 1996 as the Phonecard Collectors Club, with the objective to promote the professional collection of South African phonecards and other smart cards. On 4 October 1998 this was extended to include all African cards and on 7 March 1999 the name was changed to the African Telately Association due to confusion arising from the fact that Telkom SA Ltd also started to call their Collectors club “The phonecard collectors club”.

The Association issues a newsletter “The African Telatelist” with an article of interest, new cards to be produced and a postal phonecard auction. Meetings are held at 13h30 on the first Sunday of each month at 110 Louis Street, Waterkloof Ridge Ext 2, Pretoria. Members feedback, swapping of telatic items and a mini-auction are also conducted at these meetings.

The Association has a membership to approximately 30 members (International & local), which includes a junior member. There are many more social collectors who are not members.

There is a once off admin fee and annual membership which needs to be paid by the end February every year. The current costs of Membership fee is R150.00 per year (7.50 €) for senior members and R100.00 per year for junior members (5 €).

Contact: Warwick Stobrawe, President of African Telately Association


WhatsApp: +27 82 564 4666