The Club

The Worldwide Phonecards Collectors Club was born with the desire to relaunch phonecard collecting on a global level and to bring together all passionate collectors in a single club, in turn creating a federation of all the national clubs still in existence and relaunching their work. The platform made available by the Worldwide Phonecards Collectors Club will be a virtual square in which all collectors will be able to meet, participate in initiatives and events, exchange information and phonecards, eliminating distances and without any commission to pay because it is a sale between members of the Association.

The club will also allow the sponsorship of the personal websites and virtual shops of collector members which will be advertised in the "Our Partners" section, thus giving space and visibility to the work carried out over the years by our collector friends. The experience and knowledge accumulated by each collector is a precious asset for everyone because it allows us to better delve into collecting, learn about the history of the various telephone companies and the systems used for the creation of phonecards (Chip, Urmet, Landis & Gyr , Tamura, Autelca, etc...) and many other curiosities that only those who know the details can tell us.

Sharing is a fundamental element for our club, one of the key points on which we place our attention. Sharing allows everyone to access more precise and truthful information, to increase the quality of their collection and to be able to become aware of collecting material that they didn't even know existed before. Knowledge helps both sellers and buyers, generating a common good necessary to fully relaunch phonecard collecting throughout the world. Joining the club is one of the fundamental tools to be active members and to allow the club to finance the website and all the initiatives we have planned during the year.

The membership fee is annual and expires on December 31st of each year. Join the club and become a member of the Worldwide Phonecards Collectors Club today.