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Australia & New Zealand

The Phonecards of Australia and New Zealand website contains the only complete collection of all Telstra Anritsu Australian cards, every Pay-Tel card, every card produced by Card Phone Australia and the entire collection of New Zealand Telecom cards. With high-resolution images and details of all issues, including packs and folders, such information is not available anywhere else.


This website has a variety of information and lists about the Anritsu Phonecards released by Telecom Australia/Telstra.
As well as lists of the released phonecards there is also information around different varieties, variations, misprints etc that may interest fellow collectors.
One of the main objectives of the site is to create a place for fellow collectors to be able to find out information as well as provide information for other collectors and all contributions are acknowledged.

Creator: Ben Green

United States

Steve Schwartz founded CollectorMagic, Inc.
He was listed as the Editorial Consultant on the 1997 Moneycard Catalog (872 color pages), which is still used as the world’s main reference guide for United States and Canadian phonecards and cash cards.
The website has a fully searchable database with over 22,000 listings and more than 50,000 phonecard scans.
It is sorted by USA phone company, and lists more than 500 different USA telephone companies from AT&T, the Regional Bell Operating companies, through Vista-United (Disney).

Creator: Steve Schwartz